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Creep Feed Grinder commissioned

September 12, 2002

September 11 is an infamous day for other reasons, but it will also be a day to remember for Mills Machinery Company Inc. and Talleres America SA. On this day, the company cut its first set of corrugating rollers on the recently installed equipment, which was purchased during The Langston Corporation equipment liquidation. Talleres America SA is owned by the Villarreal family of Monterrey, Mexico. On hand for the occasion were all of the Villarreal brothers. Felix Villarreal is noted for being the first to successfully overlay weld on damaged corrugating rolls, a process he developed in the late 1970ís. Also on hand for the occasion were Jeff Mills, General Manager of MMCI, and his father, George, former Vice President of Engineering for Langston.

The first set manufactured was a pair of 87" XD Single Facer C-Flute rolls. Not only was the first set produced without error, it was right on dimension to less than 1 thousandth of an inch. Says Jeff Mills, " You think everything is ready to go, you load an expensive forging in the ways, and then you gulp hard and press the start button. While we were willing to sacrifice the forging as a start-up expense, we actually impressed ourselves when the first roll came out right on form and to exact dimension."

This Grinder is unique in that it is capable of doing conventional grinding, and also Creep grinding. In creep mode the entire flute depth save a few microns is cut in one pass. On top of that, the grinding wheel was formed to cut 3 flutes in a single pass. In Figure 1, the cut was interrupted for the photograph, then resumed with no difference in accuracy, surface texture and quality.

                           Figure 1                                             Felix Villarreal

Says Felix Villarreal of Talleres America, "We had heard what a creep grinder could do, and I had formed some expectations on the production possibilities. Today, I have to admit that the process actually greatly exceeds my expectations in a positive way. My brothers and their familyís had joined in the investment based upon my own expectations, and what Mr. Mills had said could be done. Today you see the smiles on everyoneís faces. Thatís a good smile."

The factory of Talleres America includes in addition to this grinder, six other conventional corrugating roll grinders, one roll form planer, two corrugating roll millís, a high speed balancer, a large precision OD grinder, and two automatic roll re-surface welding machines which were developed by Felix Villarreal to support his special process. Along with this inventory of primary machines, there are support lathes, journal grinders, and a full compliment of regular machine shop manufacturing tools. The current inventory of flute form dressers exceeds US$ 350,000, possibly the largest position in the world.

Jeff Mills overlooking plant office with Sierra Madre mountains in background

Bob Cheesman of Mills Machinery explains CNC control to David Villarreal


Ernie Plett of Dial Industries and David Villarreal. Ernie was on hand to update the machines programming capability

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