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Jeff Mills named General Manager

August 2002

Windsor Pennsylvania –  One industry CEO, upon hearing that Jeff Mills was getting involved in the corrugating industry jokingly commented " Why would anyone want to get involved with this industry!" Jeff’s’ answer was simple… "it’s in the genes." Jeff comes from a long line of industry innovators. His great grandfather was Thomas Bullock, Langston employee #100, who started with the company in 1926. Tom rose to be Works Superintendent and was instrumental in the company change many years ago from planed flutes to milled flutes. Jeff’s father is George Mills, former Vice President of Langston (employee #1864), who was instrumental in the actual design of Creep Feed Grinders, and who is also credited with being the "Father of vertical stack single facers." Jeff himself jokes that he has about 25 years experience already. When he was barely walking, his dad took him to see Don Yondo at Advance Packaging in Grand Rapids. Don picked him up and carried him to see the corrugator. When they were next to the machine, Don let him push the start button. The ensuing sound scared him a bit, but Jeff was apparently hooked. When Jeff was about 13, he helped the rigging crew load the first 380 Single Facer onto the truck for its journey to Syracuse New York. While in college, he interned in the Langston shops, actually working on the maintenance and cleaning of the Creep Feed Grinder. His employee number was 3783.

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